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Chart of Accounts for Real Estate Brokers

– Click here to download the industry standard Chart of Accounts list – You will find the file in your Download folder – Follow the next step to import the list to your QuickBooks Online subscription – If you do not have a QuickBooks Online account, subscribe to one at a discounted price.

Restore and Backup

Restore a File Schedule and Backup a File After You Restore a 2014 File

QuickBooks Files

Installing QuickBooks Software Download VRBO QuickBooks file  File Extensions Used in QuickBooks 


Vendor Name with One Account Number Vendor Name with Multiple Account Numbers


If you are not tracking balance owed in QuickBooks then skip this section Guests

Doors or Units

If you have single unit – then skip this section Single Owner with Multiple Properties Multiple Owners (company) with Multiple Properties


IMPORTANT Tax laws often change 1099 reporting requirements. Check for current requirements. Review the current federal and state rules and regulations regarding when and to whom you should send a 1099 Form. At the end of the year, you are required to send a 1099 Form to any individual or non-corporate entity paid $600.00 …

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Letters and Envelopes

You may want to send a letter to all of your tenants informing them of a new regulation or law or perhaps, send a letter to one tenant regarding noise complaints. Using Microsoft Word, you can create customized letters and envelopes to send to your tenants, vendors or employees. You can send letters to one …

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Reconciling Accounts

Reconciling is the process of making sure that your account in QuickBooks matches bank and credit card records. This guards against errors and is done each month when you receive your statements. You may write a check manually or make a deposit and forget to enter it in QuickBooks, make a duplicate transaction, forget about …

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