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In this QuickBooks for Real Estate Broker course, you will learn a-z on how to use and customize your own reports with step by step instructions:
– From title company to agent transactions, escrow to company funds, accounting to financial management
– From the industry-standard chart of accounts to reconciliation to financial reporting

I have created this course from my 30+ years of experience as an Accountant, QuickBooks Solution Provider, and my client’s FAQ. I make the rules and break them as well with exceptions. Saying that 95% of the questions are answered. If we are missing a few, contact my team directly, please do not spend time on YouTube as there are many ways to skin a cat, I meant to record a transaction.

Rule #1 no journal entry. The exception to rule #1 is to enter JE to reconcile with your tax returns.
Rule #2… learn as you go.

So let us get started.